Grade 5 - 4th-quarter-in-school

(Sample Online worksheet)

Fill in the blanks

1)Fill in the blanks
A) 35:140::140:
B) :180::63:540
C) 8:15::16:
D) :27::45:81
E) :60::136:240
F) 8:::32:756
2)For the last 13 days Joseph spent the same amount every day, and has spent a total of Rs 104. If he has Rs 104 left with him, then he will finish this amount in days
3)The ratio of the lengths of any two sides of an equilateral triangle is :
4)Ruth buys 2000 liters of oil at a price of Rs 84640. She finds on reaching her destination that 8 % of the oil has leaked out. If she wants to make a profit of 30%, then she has to sell each liter for Rs.
5)A teacher gave a rectangular colouring sheet to each of its students. The sheet is 16 cm long and 9 cm wide. The area and perimeter of the sheet is cm2 and cm respectively.
6)The perimeter of following figure is cm . (Assume all dimensions in centimeters)

7)1, 1, 2, 6, 24, 120, 720, ,

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

8)Michael buys 4700 kilograms of carrots at a farm for the price of Rs 15.48 per kg. However, during his travel to to the market he finds 14% of the carrots have spoiled. If he now sells each kilogram of carrots at Rs 23.04, then what would his profit percentage be?

a. 3 b. 24
c. 41 d. 28
9)Sarah buys 179 hammers from a wholesale market for 26850 Rs, and then she sells each of them at 0.93 times the price she had bought them at. How much money did she sell each hammers for?
a. Rs. 160.5 b. Rs. 156
c. Rs. 139.5 d. Rs. 133.5
10)If the perimeters of square X and rectangle Y below are the same, then find the length of square X.
Y6 cm
30 cm

a. 19 cm b. 16 cm
c. 20 cm d. 18 cm
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