Grade 5 - 4th-quarter-in-school

(Sample Printed worksheet)

Answer The Following

1)If you were asked to divide $ 750 into three shares proportional to 5, 6 and 4, then what is the value of the largest share?
2)What is the length (in cms) of string needed to mark the boundary of a rectangular area that is 171 cm long and 44 cm wide
3)Find perimeter of the triangle with sides 76 cm, 118 cm and 167 cm is cm .

4)Kevin, Robert, Kimberly and Patricia are playing cards. Kevin and Robert are partners. if Robert is facing North, and Kimberly is sitting on left hand side of Robert. Patricia is facing which direction ?
5)I bought a flower pot at the market, and sold it at Rs 221.25 for a profit of 25 %. At what price did I buy the flower pot?

Fill in the blanks

6)If I sell a bicycle for Rs 1953.21 and get a profit of 31%, then I should sell it at Rs to get a loss of 26%
7)Give the simplified ratio of the following
A) 20:112 = :
B) 35:50 = :
C) 42:217 = :
D) 8:18 = :
E) 21:48 = :
F) 49:56 = :

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

8)Nancy's toy car can travel 96 meters in a minute while David's toy car can travel 10.8 kilometers in an hour. The ratio of the speed of the cars belonging to Nancy and David is:
a. 7:15 b. 9:16
c. 8:15 d. 8:14
9)If 7th day of a month is Saturday, what will be the 22nd day of month ?
a. Sunday b. Saturday
c. Tuesday d. Monday
10)In a community, two neighbours have rectangular backyard having the same area of 840 sq. meter. If the breadth of first backyard is 30 meter and breadth of second backyard is 6 meter, find which backyard will require more fencing and by how much ?
a. First, more by 88 meter b. First, more by 176 meter
c. Second, more by 88 meter d. Second, more by 176 meter


1) $ 300

2) 430

3) 361 cm

4) West

5) Rs. 177

A)   B)   C)   
D)   E)   F)   

8) c. 8:15
9) a. Sunday
10) d. Second, more by 176 meter
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